The past two months have been a whirlwind!

Brian’s stag party and my bridal shower went off without a hitch. Our bridal party rallied behind us and worked hard to throw two entertaining parties for us and our guests.

Brian’s groomsmen worked hard to plan the logistics, promote, and sell tickets, and put together raffle items, such as BBQ gear, booze, Bills and Sabres autographed items, bar items, and cigars, to bring in some extra money for us to put towards our wedding and honeymoon. The guys had a low key party at a friend’s house. They had a good time catching up with one another, while enjoying some food, beer, and games.

My bridesmaids also did an incredible job to throw me the perfect Kate Spade bridal shower at Milos Restaurant in Williamsville. I was impressed by the tiniest details, from each bridesmaid’s favorite picture with me at the front of the head table to a table with marriage advice for Brian and I. The girls went above and beyond what I expected to make all of my Pinterest dreams come true.

While I’m not one to enjoy the spotlight, I found the shower wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. Everyone was interested in how I’ve been, how work has been, and how proud they are of everything I’ve accomplished, along with meeting a great guy that supports me.

Brittany and her bridal party!

Brittany with her bridal party!

I received some amazing gifts, from two Kate Spade bags to what seems like an infinite amount of Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift cards. The most special gifts included a beautiful hanger for my wedding dress as well as an engraved ice cream scooper. If you recall, Brian and I got to know each other after he saw me working at Frosty’s Ice Cream.

I found that the shower flew by and I was exhausted afterwards. One of my maids of honor sorted through all my gifts and cards as I was completely drained and we knew that gifts had to be assorted by what I could travel with on Amtrak and what had to stay until I return with my SUV in October. I’m so grateful for her help as well as all of the effort and time all of the bridesmaids put in to throw me a fabulous shower!

With the donations and gifts we received from both parties, we booked our honeymoon in Nassau, Bahamas for a few days after the wedding! We cannot wait to relax and unwind after all of this planning and the big day.

Brian and I are celebrating our six-year anniversary together this weekend, which also marks the milestone that we are only three months out from the wedding.

I’ll continue to keep you updated as we hit the home stretch into wedding planning.

Next up, bachelorette party planning!


Brittany's bridal shower!

Meet Brittany's bridesmaids!