After an unfortunate incident with a vendor and discovering that they were not authorized to sell the designer I was told they had, I thought about how many other wedding parties have encountered tough scenarios like this.

According to The Knot, the average American wedding costs an estimated $32,641. With the median income in Erie County at $51,050 and many millennials well below that yearly wage, planning a wedding becomes not only a commitment to another, but an expensive and time consuming one.

While everyone’s planning experience is different, knowing how to take precautions can help to save money as well as make things less stressful.

  1. Research potential vendors and reviews through certified websites, including Buffalo Brides!
  • These sites give you an idea of how the vendor conducts business and what others have encountered. These sites also have helpful blogs and contests with giveaways. I won $50 gift card from the American Wedding for invitations and $100 Amazon gift card (I used towards wedding party gifts) from completing a survey!
  1. “Interview” vendors, especially photographers, florists, and bakeries.
  • I scheduled appointments to meet with each potential vendor that fit in my budget and brought questions to ask like it was a job interview, which it is! I got a better sense of the vendor’s personality and how their product would work with not only Brian and I, but our wedding party and guests.
  1. Make sure to have signed contracts & request a receipt or updated invoice after each deposit made.
  • These documents clarify services/product to be delivered as well as payments you’ve made; they also protect you in the unfortunate case that something doesn’t go well.
  1. Keep your budget in mind and how to spend your money.
  • Brian and I spent more on the venue to not worry about a caterer, linens, etc. We felt that favors often go unused and are a waste; instead, we’re incorporating experiences throughout the day to make it more memorable and fun for all.

Remember, it’s your day and you ultimately have the power to decide how you want to make it a special day! While some consider our wedding traditional as the ceremony is in a church and there’s a formal sit down dinner, others believe it’s more modern because the ceremony is not in a Catholic church and we’ve scratched a flower girl/ring bearer and the garter and bouquet toss.

To each their own, Buffalo Brides!