As a fellow Bride-to-be, I too have a love story like no other.

Joe and I met back in the spring of 2009 and have been together ever since June of that same year. We came in to each other’s lives at first by a fluke; a mistakenly sent message online and then grew to learn we also shared mutual friends from years past. After our first date it was clear to see that meeting by mistake, really was fate working its way to pave the road for our happily ever after.

Joe, a St. Joe’s Collegiate Institute boy, myself, a Mount Saint Mary Academy girl, dated throughout our high school years. With sports playing a huge role in our early days, we were always there to cheer each other on. Whether it was Joe’s baseball games or my own volleyball tournaments, we knew that supporting one another from an early age was the strong foundation to happy relationship. After graduating, we moved on to different colleges, Joe who is now in his final semester at Fredonia State University and myself finishing up my last semester at Niagara University. Living in different cities, yet not too far apart, has also taught us another important lesson in relationships. We have grown to see that distance strengthens the bond between two people.

Fast-forward from 2009 to Christmas Eve of 2013, and I found myself living a very ordinary day. We were getting ready for the holiday festivities at his parents house when all of a sudden I was informed that we had to go and pick up a pie from a bakery on Main Street in Williamsville. Confused as to what bakery we were going to, I hopped in the car thinking nothing of what was about to happen. On our drive there, it began to softly snow which gave Joe the “idea” to take a detour to Glen Falls. I was then told that we could walk through the park to the bakery on the other side of the street. (Now to my knowledge, there is NO bakery near Glen Falls…sneaky man.)

Walking along the snow-dusted scenery was like a frame out of a LifeTime Christmas movie. Joe then stopped in front of the falls and in the midst of the soft falling snow, got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. A Christmas engagement that certainly lived up to any imaginable idea I could have harvested away in my head over the years.

Now, almost two years later we are in the beginning stages of wedding planning. My what a whirlwind these last few yeas have been. With a plethora of ideas, venues, caterers and so on, we are more than excited to start this new journey together. One thing we know for sure is the date for our future nuptials, calling the fall of 2017 out time to tie the knot!

Two years of planning sure seems like plenty of time, but as any bride knows, two years will fly by within the blink of an eye.

So I hope all you Brides-to-Be will take this journey with me, through bridal gown fittings, cake tastings and lessons learned to achieve the final goal, the I DO!