I am pleased to announce that we have made considerable progress with our wedding plans!

Since I last wrote, we were in the market for our ceremony space, which I am glad to announce…. WE FINALLY BOOKED IT!

After weeks of deliberation, we settled on my childhood parish, Prince of Peace Catholic Church! We will get married in the same church my parents were married in, a short 27 years ago! With the church booked for 9.16.17, this took a lot of weight off our shoulders, but shortly after made us realize that the reception venue needed to be selected ASAP.

We have now toured about six different venue locations/options and boy do we have a difficult decision on our hands. Recently we have visited unique spots in the heart of Buffalo, such as The Foundry and Rich’s Atrium, making our, soon-to-be final choice, that much harder to make. With each location supporting a distinctive difference that is beyond appealing, it is hard to narrow it down to one venue. Hopefully within the next couple weeks or so, we will be able to decide on a location that suits our taste as well as fulfilling our hopes and dreams for the big day!

After touring a handful of venues, I have begun to notice how difficult menu selections are going to be. With such diverse food options ranging from different ethnicities to forms of serving, putting together a menu suitable for all of our guests will be the second hardest selection (other than venue selections) that we will be making!

Once the venue is picked and menu is set, bakery “shopping” is a must so we are able to begin the designs as well as flavors for our cake! I have found that for myself, with a life-threatening nut allergy, it is very difficult to find a bakery that can 100% guarantee a nut-free cake/ dessert options for our dessert bar. That is going to take time and effort to discover a bakery to accommodate such a difficult food allergy, when it comes to sweets.

Besides that, from my past research on cakes, I have come across the trending tradition of a grooms cake, which is beyond adorable! Another thing to add to my list of designing and planning for…it is unending.

(I give props to the brides that do this all on their own. I am beyond thankful for my mother and the help she has given thus far to my “bridezilla” self..LOL)

Well now, HOPEFULLY, by my next blog entry, we’ll have a venue selected and a menu organized!

Until next time…..


xX Sarah