April brought some major wedding planning accomplishments for Brian and I! However, it also came with a major setback.

We traveled back home for a four day planning-packed weekend, where we took a late flight out of O’Hare Airport to Buffalo after work on a Wednesday night to ensure we didn’t waste any time. We got right to “work” starting off with cupcake tastings with several bakeries and a food tasting at our venue to set our reception menu – easily the best part of planning.

In between tastings, I managed to set aside time to meet with our venue coordinator, pastor, DJ, and florist to get a sense of what our big day would look like. These consultations also provide our vendors time to get to know us better; every encounter with a vendor allows him/her to learn more about our personalities, providing each one with more details about us to best create our wedding day.

We made time to catch up and plan with our wedding party as well. Brian and the groomsmen decided on tuxes and stag party details while I met with the bridesmaids to gather ideas for my shower, the salon for hair and make-up, and most importantly, the bachelorette party.

With such a short amount of time, I was amazed that we accomplished as many tasks as we did.

Now onto the unfortunate news – the following weekend after returning to Chicago, dancing at a work fundraiser left me with a broken foot. The doctor called it a freak accident as the break is in an uncommon spot; not something a bride-to-be wants to hear!

While the exact cause is unknown, the nurse speculated that I might have had a stress fracture from running and weight lifting and aggravated it by dancing in high heels.

Exhausted by a boot and crutches, my planning, workouts, as well as my sense of independence and adventure have come to a screeching halt. We’re now less than six months from the big day and I’ve realized this challenge will have a major impact on my wedding preparations.

I’ll keep my fellow Buffalo Brides and readers updated on my recovery as the planning must go on!