Hello there Buffalo Brides! HAPPY WEDDING YEAR! (for us that is….)

It's been a month or two since I’ve last posted but my oh my has planning shifted into high gear!

Welcoming in 2017 was such an emotionally exciting time, with us also welcoming in the year of our wedding. I cannot believe that three years ago on Christmas Eve we got engaged and here we are now, only 7 ½ months until we take our very special walk down the aisle!

Since the last blog update, a lot has happened.

First of all let me begin with announcing that my wedding dress has made its way home with me! A few nights ago, I was able to pick it up from Tattlers Lane while dress shopping for the second most important woman in the wedding, MY MOM! It is so hard to believe that six months has gone by, from when I first said, “Yes to the Dress!”

To go along with my gown, I finally gave in to the little voice over my shoulder (my mom) telling me that a veil is a must when it comes to tying the entire look together. When I put it on with my gown, it was simply a must have! AND… did I mention my mother WAS right after all?! (Then again, aren’t mothers always right?)

So all that there is left to do with my gown is fittings come July. Besides now looking for the most perfect Mother of the Bride gown, I am also very excited to hear that my entire bridal party’s dresses will be in around April! I cannot wait to see all of my girls dressed in their elegantly perfect black chiffon and lace neckline gowns!

Finding a florist; one of the most important things I have yet to do…. until this week!

So far we have had a meeting with Dianne’s Floral in North Tonawanda to discuss possible centerpiece ideas, along with my bouquet and the flowers for my bridal party. Who knew that there were so many choices when it came to flowers, colors, combinations and so on?

With Dianne’s being the first on our tour of florists, I hope to gather enough information and ideas to put together a killer centerpiece. Did I mention that I am not a fan of flowers whatsoever? So here I am trying to combine a little floral with a lot of rustic, yet romantic décor. Stay tuned for what happens next!

The cake is another grey area for us right now. Trying to come up with a flavor combo that is different, yet delicious is harder then it seems. Our first cake tasting is coming up quickly at Muscoreil's on March 11th.

Since my nut allergy is a huge issue when it comes to eating other baked goods, Joe is in charge of this tasting (Lucky him! All that cake!). Since I won’t be able to eat the actual wedding cake, my best friend and bridesmaid Devyn, who is a baker herself, is in charge of making the top layer of our cake so I can enjoy the traditional cutting and smashing portion of the wedding! Once we set the design with our bakery of choice, I’m going to give her the same design to go off of for my little topper. Thank goodness for her, saving the day!

As for other little things, my MOH Jeanette has the bachlorette party plans in the works and boy am I excited for a girls getwaway! Who better to celebrate your marriage with, than your best friends!?

So until next time… happy planning brides!

xXx Sar