Hello again, Buffalo Brides!

Not too much time has passed since I last wrote about our newest wedding plans, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t changed! Over this last month, so much has been accomplished!

First let me start off by saying we are now LESS THAN A YEAR away from the big day! We couldn’t be more excited that finally we can say we will be married in under a year (even if it is still 11 months away… this is a great feat!)! It’s amazing how fast time has passed us by and it is even more unbelievable that this Christmas Eve marks three years since we’ve got engaged! When people say wedding planning makes time fly, boy oh boy do they really mean it.

Since the last time I wrote, we had accomplished a few smaller details that will make the big day, sparkle (literally)! Recently, I have been brainstorming ways to create centerpieces without
flowers. Myself, far from traditional and not in favor of the normal, run at the mill flower arrangements, have come up with a solution!

Since we will be marrying in the fall, what better to do than incorporate the season into the centerpieces? So my idea that sprouted from a simple fall craft (decorating white pumpkins and gourdswpumpkins2 in gold glitter) is now going to be a part of the tablescape! White and gold glitter pumpkins amongst candles, to give it that special romantic feel.

Some how, I have not decided yet, but the table numbers will also be tied in to the fall feel, as well as the place setting cards and favors. I mean, what is cozier and more intimate than a crisp fall day, full of love and beautiful décor!? Did I mention fall is my most favorite season of all?!

Another seemingly little, yet big thing we have checked off the list is our cake topper! What is more elegant and classic than a bride and groom, dawned in white ceramic, gazing into each others eyes (Thank you Waterford Crystal)? I always see such common cake toppers like the Mr. and Mrs. lettering in glitter, that straying from the common theme as of recently was a must in my book.

The cake on the other hand is still a work in progress, with design and flavors being decided on soon between Joe and myself. Then comes the cake tasting at the Village Bake Shoppe (literally my favorite bakery ever).

The final biggie that we have yet to settle on is the photographer. Trying to find someone who can capture your perfect day, just the way you imagine it to be, is a lot harder than we thought! We’re in the process of narrowing down a few vendors and hopefully within a month or so, will have that squared away as well!

Come October and early November, my bridal party will have had their first fittings and dresses ordered from Tattlers Lane in Niagara Falls! How exciting for everyone! This shop was honestly the best around with such unique gowns in stunning colors, not to mention an awesome staff of ladies who made the work easier on me, that finding their gown style was as simple as one, two, three!

Did I mention I can’t wait until MY dress comes in?!?

Well brides, that is all I have for now…

Until next time…

xXx Sar