Greetings fellow Buffalo Brides and avid readers!

Summer is upon us, which is a notorious time for bridal showers and weddings. We’re another month closer and this past month was a time for patience and healing.

If you recall my last post, I broke my foot, which forced me to slow down my active lifestyle in order to fully heal.

Brian stepped up to the challenge as my care taker and did an incredible job. He fetched me countless glasses of water, found humorous ways to cheer me up (mainly with pictures of cute dogs), and surprised me with a special gift which I had been searching months for.


Setting up our wedding registry!

I suppose every cloud has a silver lining after all.

Three weeks in the boot and another x-ray later, I found out that my foot is healing well and could slowly return to regular activities. Once hearing the good news, we got back to planning and began working on our registry as my shower is quickly approaching.

I was initially hesitant about registering for anything as we’ve been living together for three years and have a fully furnished apartment. Yet, I found that registries can fill in the missing gaps and there are numerous stores and websites to use to give some variety to guests.

There are things to be replaced (I’ve broken so many drink glasses!), items we never bought and could use, such as power tools, decorative pillows or a full-sized vacuum, as well as charities we encourage our guests to donate to in lieu of gifts.

Brian and I also decided at the last minute to travel back to Buffalo for Memorial Day weekend. It was wonderful to finally spend quality time with our family and friends instead of rushing around to meet vendors and make appointments.

As we approach our first major wedding events next month, we can't help but get excited to see all of our ideas and plans become reality and to finally spend some well-deserved time celebrating with our loved ones!

Stay tuned as the next post will be focused on the shower and stag parties!