First let me say, my goodness how time is flying these last few months. I am currently in my last week of college at Niagara University, prepping for graduation, about a week away! On top of this last semester coming to an end, finals week begins Monday, plus holiday time working in retail is hectic upon hectic!

That being said, within this last month, wedding plans have surely began to come together very quickly. Touring venues in the local Buffalo area, such as The Hotel Lafayette and Statler City have been the most recent developments in our plans. With a pretty solid guest list, it is now much easier for us to gauge what size venue we need (and my goodness, with a 300+ guest wedding, big venues are hard to come by when sticking to a budget!).

Nonetheless, it is all falling into place in such a beautiful way. Ideas of which church to choose are also relevant thoughts that will soon be solidly made decisions. To go with a church we grew up in or to branch out and start our own traditions as a soon-to-be married couple is also an idea that is certainly fresh in our minds.

Within the next few weeks, we have more venue tours to tend to. The Tonawanda Castle, Salvatore’s, and what ever large reception space we can find, we added to our list! My, the excitement we have knowing that hopefully by the beginning of the new year, we will have a wedding venue set and a church selected.

While wedding dresses are still first in my mind, the bridal party attire is coming together quite nicely. One thing is for sure; I have selected a theme for the bridesmaids “look.” I have always had a special place in my heart for the Great Gatsby/1920’s era and decided how awesome would it be to tie that theme into the bridal party. So I have recently been on the lookout for flapper era jewelry, hairpieces, and inspired gowns, and thankfully have been able to come across some great options. When a themed wedding may be too much to pull of, with the guest count we have, I figured a bridal party theme would do just as well!

So much for now and the wedding updates! Time to focus on my last week of undergraduate exams and prep for graduation!

Can't wait to see where this next month takes us, in regards to the wedding plans! Hoping for a Christmas miracle, that by my next blog, we have a venue set!