As autumn quickly approaches, so does the two year mark for the date of our not-so-far-away nuptials. To many, two years is a decent amount of time when planning anything, but as all of us soon-to-be brides know, two years in wedding time goes by quicker than the blink of an eye.

The weeks after the engagement fly by, filled with congratulations, celebrations, and well wishes, but in every brides mind, this is when the planning begins. No matter the date of your wedding, whether it is a year away or an undetermined date in the future, the details big and small begin to settle into our minds. Ideas of venues, themes, color schemes as well as cake decorators have suddenly began to fill our every thought leaving us with the reality of creating the day every little girl has dreamed of.

My most recent bridal project that I’ve tackled over this summer of planning has been the “Ask the Bridesmaid/Maid Of Honor” gift boxes. With a little help from Pinterest, Etsy and Zazzle, I was able to bring my visions to life. To me, once I had my bridal party set in stone, everything began to feel so much more real and plans began to develop at a quicker pace. I knew from the very start, that I needed an extra special and personalized way to ask my best friends to join me on my big day. I began to look at ideas of other brides on some of the Pinterest boards that I follow. I came across the idea of a box filled with goodies, which after some deciding, I stuck with.

From there, I turned to Etsy and Zazzle for personalized favors and gifts. I wound up with bridal party hair-ties customized to the wedding color I chose (lavender), individual cards, personalized bride & bridesmaid wine charms along with bottles of their best-loved wine, wedding designed candles, Lindt chocolate truffles in a “I can’t say I DO without you” box, and nail polish coordinating to the wedding color. The boxes were a hit! The girls loved them and found the idea more than touching, giving them special memories to harvest away.

My next endeavor on this bridal journey is dress & venue shopping. With a tentative number of guests in our minds, we are now starting a list of the venues to quite possibly hold our wedding at, as well as themes. Dress shopping is weighing heavy on my mind, especially having been in and out of dozens of pageant gowns over my teenage years. I have a feeling that starting a bit earlier than most brides do is necessary in my position, to narrow down the many ideas I have accumulated over the years.

Stay tuned for updates and happy planning!