It's crazy how fast things pick up when your wedding is four short months away!

Now it’s crunch time to get done all of the “little” things that I’ve been putting off for so long. OOPS!

To start, we just booked the florist for the ceremony, since I am not using flowers for the reception/centerpieces. We were referred by friends to check out  Maureen’s Wholesale Flower Market in Buffalo and they did not disappoint! The atmosphere was amazing, with such helpful and attending employees, they made the flower selection so much easier. My mom and I were able to work on-on-one with Maureen and she was outstanding! She understood my point of view when it came to flowers and made the bouquets beautiful and simple, which is perfect.

Ever since we began planning, I was against using flowers…(they are not my favorite) but very recently my mother talked me in to getting them for at least my bridal party and some for the church. She brought up the thought that in pictures, the bridal party may not look right just standing there empty handed, to which I realized was true. So we went with simple and neutral bouquets for the girls, as well as a very simple one for myself. In regards to the church, my mom is going to make some pew decorations with tulle and flowers to add that little something special.

FINALLY, since my last blog, I have finished most of the major things I left for seemingly, last minute.

For starters, the limo is finally booked thanks to Zoladz. After calling quite a few transportation companies, I began to realize that gee, maybe I should have done this way sooner than four months out. To my horror, many places were already booked, between other weddings and homecomings that same weekend. THANKFULLY, Zoladz had one last SUV limo to book, if not we would have been stuck with a 37 passenger bus…(there are only 16 of us total!).

Another major decision my mother and I made was about the reception centerpieces. We ended up going to an awesome place called The Wedding Agent on Delaware Road, in Tonawanda. Mia Salvaggio, who helped us out there, was outstanding. She was able to work with my theme of simple, white, and gold, just beautifully.

We ended up choosing a champagne sequence runner with three different size white pillar candle holders, for each table. Exactly what I had envisioned all this time; classic, a little rustic, but simple and elegant. There, she also helped us with picking out a secure card box for the wedding, as well as ideas for table numbers. I highly recommend anyone looking to stray from flowers, to check this wedding rental business out. It is so stress free, they deliver everything to the site, set it up and take it down. It’s so much easier than DIY and you won’t end up with 800,000 centerpieces to take home at the end of the night!

The one thing I have yet to accomplish is the wedding invitations. While I do have the style picked out, the wording and so on I have yet to finish. Thankfully, we still have plenty of time to put the order in since rush shipping them here won’t be an issue!

Since we finally completed our pre-cana classes, we were just now able to have our final meeting with the priest who is marrying us, to finalize the marriage investigation! We are fully accepted to be married in the church now, which gives me one more thing to do….plan the ceremony. OH BOY! Between choosing scriptures, hymns, and wedding participants, this ought to be fun. Thankfully, this too, doesn’t have to be set in stone until a week before the rehearsal.

Now to enjoy moving in to our new house with my first bridal shower, given by my mom, that is quickly approaching…. two weeks to go! The shower is mostly complete, minus wrapping 60+ baskets for prizes given out to our guests, for the games we will play and so on!

So, until next time, Buffalo Brides!

Happy Wedding Days to those tying the knot soon!


xXx Sar