Here we are, a little under a year and a half to go, until we tie the knot!

Since the last blog, not too much has happened.

With the church and venue booked, the bridal party and groomsmen set, we are in a stand still with planning.

So for now, the “little” things are on our minds.

What bakery for the cake?

What flavor and décor we will go with when it comes to the tastings?

What type of centerpieces for the reception?

What venue for the bridal shower?

Where will the rehearsal dinner will be held?

My wedding gown is another huge part of the wedding that still needs to be set in stone. With a few local shops that I have been visiting for fittings; Victoria’s Bridal & Tattlers Lane, finding “The One” is a lot harder than I had expected.

With a very large variety of styles and colors, picking one dress is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. I have also quickly learned that the initial style one might have had in mind could totally change once they are introduced to a plethora of other styles at the bridal boutiques. My idea of the perfect dress couldn’t have been more opposite, once I started trying them on!

So for now, it is on to more bridal shops, to see if maybe, they have the gown of my dreams.

As for Joe and I, we are going to start looking into which bakery we would like to make the cake for our big day. The only issue I can foresee is finding a bakery that has the capability to make a nut free cake (I have a life-threatening nut allergy, so finding locations to do this may be a bit of a struggle).

What we do know for sure is that a local bakery (and absolute favorite of ours) The Village Bake Shoppe, in Lewiston does a great job at adhering to certain dietary needs such as my nut allergy. So keeping this in mind, they are top runner in our search for cake makers thus far!

So for now, in our slow approach to finalizing all plans, this is where we are at!

Until next time, Buffalo Brides…

Xx- Sar