Happy spring Buffalo Brides!

Let me just start off with saying…. we are 190 days away from the big day!!!  How crazy is that!?

After starting our journey over three years ago with the engagement and now quickly coming to a close as a married couple, it’s true, planning a wedding goes by within the blink of an eye.

Since I last wrote Joe and I were still in the process of picking a bakery for our wedding cake. I am happy (and relieved) to say that we have designed the perfect cake with the help from Lindsay, from The Village Bake Shoppe in Lewiston, NY!

And did I mention the flavor combinations among the cakes, mousses, and fillings are beyond anyone’s wildest dreams?! Chocolate with caramel mousse, lemon with raspberry mousse, and even cherry chip with almond mousse… the pickings are endless and you CANNOT go wrong with any of the deliciously sweet choices they prepare.

This bakery excels when it comes to their exquisite customer service as well as conducting cake tastings, making it everything a bride could imagine. The excitement I have anticipating the final design of our cake is out of this world.

Shower Ribbons

The special ribbons for the bridal shower!

Over these last few weeks I have been an ETSY shopaholic for my first bridal shower, given by my mother! The special additions they have when it comes to décor and favors are unbelievable & what is even better is that you’re shopping small businesses.

Lately, for my first shower, I was able to locate adorable pins for three of the most important women attending the shower (my mother, my Maid of Honor Jeanette, and my mother-in-law). Instead of the typical buttons to identify who they are, these ribbon/bows are adorable, adorned with the most feminine of colors and glitter. Aside from the pins, I have been adding little bits and pieces to the Mimosa bar for my first shower! Straws, signs, banners and so on to make the day feel all the more relaxing and full of fun.

When it comes to sweet treats for the shower, we also went with The Village Bake Shoppe for our cake/cupcake combo. To go along with my pink, gold, and white shower color scheme, the cake too will match. Who doesn’t love dessert AND brunch?! (and make your own mimosas….).

Another pretty cool idea that my mom originally came up with was the use of a donut bar from Paula's Donuts for a snack after the dinner but during dancing. Who in Buffalo doesn’t love those?! So recently we booked our package with Paula for the wedding for our own donut bar! This is something I am most excited for!

There are a few things that we still have to tackle over these upcoming months, such as wedding favors, the limos for the wedding party, the centerpieces and most importantly, the “mini moon” and the honeymoon!

So until next time my fellow busy Buffalo Brides!

xXx Sar