While I truly believe every love story is beautiful, I have to say I’m biased and that mine is my favorite.

Brian and I met five years ago through his sister, Amanda. We met casually as she and I were catching up in Spring 2010, after our first year of college.

Thankfully due to Brian’s love of sweets, he saw me working one evening at Frosty’s Ice Cream in Lancaster. He walked away impressed with more than just his massive chocolate ice cream cone. He reached out to me later that night on Facebook, wanting to get to know me more, and we began to dating later that summer.

Over the next few years, we supported each other through the ups and downs of life – the sudden passing of his father, two Bachelor’s programs (his and mine), his MBA program, and the difficult decision to uproot our entire lives in Buffalo for me to complete my Master’s degree in Chicago.

In late summer of 2013, we moved over 500 miles from our family, friends, and home in the pursuit of a new adventure together. This has been no easy feat, especially when we have to constantly explain that Buffalo is nowhere near New York City and try to describe what Sponge Candy is to Mid-Westerners.

Now onto the proposal!

Being the travelers we are, we booked a trip to Europe in December 2014 to celebrate the holidays in London and Paris. Side note: Brian traveled to Europe for his MBA program and when his group stopped in Paris, he knew it was the place he wanted to propose (So cute, I know, right?). I was aware of the engagement prior as he wanted to ensure I thought it was the right time and that I could create the ring of my dreams. However, I had no idea when or where or how!

On New Year’s Eve morning, he proposed to me on the Passerelle Debilly Bridge, which overlooks the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He booked a photographer for us that morning to take photos to celebrate our new engagement and we left with incredible memories to start out 2015.

A year later, we still live in Chicago where we both work full-time and continue to plan our wedding, set for this October.

I hope you fellow Buffalo Brides and interested readers enjoy reading more about our adventure as we continue to conquer the challenging task of planning our Buffalo wedding from afar!