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DIY Gratitude

DIY Gratitude


We are knee-deep in the holiday season, the perfect time of year focus on gratefulness. When it comes to weddings, all it takes is a little creativity to show your guests a little gratitude for attending your soirée. Try one of these simple DIY souvenirs of the big day.

‘tis the Season
Purchase a pile of your favorite local fruit and wrap each snack in a way that works with your overall wedding décor, such as an adorable burlap sack with a funky printed tag or a chic, mod fabric with a button closure, suggests Danielle Venokur Greenberg, founder of dvGreen, a sustainable event design company in New York.

Words of Wisdom
To help make the trip home a little more enjoyable, treat guests to copies of your favorite book/s. They can be mass purchased, often at extremely low cost, on eBay or,” says Tara Wilson, Dallas area event designer and entertaining expert.

Seed Paper Yarmulke
Rather than buying throwaway satin yarmulkes for a Jewish celebration, make your own with seed-embedded paper that guests can then take home and plant, suggests Greenberg. Order the paper at, and stop by a local craft store to buy a circle cutter and ink stamp for personalization.

Potted Succulents
These hearty decorative plants are available in clay or plastic pots and can often be found for as little as $1 apiece at local nurseries. Wilson suggests attaching a card that says “Watch our love continue to grow.”

Just Add Love
Layer all the dry ingredients for your favorite chocolate chip cookie, snickerdoodle or brownie recipe in small mason jars. “Finish with a fabric or ribbon accent and a tag with baking instructions and a sweet tagline or graphic icon,” says Greenberg.

A Hangover Kit
Late-night revelers will appreciate a cute package that contains packets of Alka-Seltzer and aspirin, Band-Aids, mini bottles of vodka and tomato juice, and individually wrapped saltine crackers, says Wilson. Include a card that says “Thanks for hanging with us on our wedding day!”

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